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Colloidal Silver Generator: Why do I need one?

Hippocrates once wrote that silver contains important anti-disease and healing properties, and he was rather correct. Since antibiotic resistance has risen over the past few decades, attention has turned to the importance of silver as a healing agent. Silver can be beneficial when added to the daily diet in safe amounts. Buying a colloidal silver generator can save you on time and money and assures the quality of your silver. Having a generator around means that you can quickly address wounds and viral, bacterial, and fungal infections that might not be helped by prescription antibiotics.

You Know the Quality and Source of Your Silver

The most important factor in having a colloidal silver generator kit is that you will always know the source and quality of your silver. Contents cannot always be guaranteed by some manufacturers, which can put your health at risk. It can be difficult to know which manufacturers to trust and which ones might be making solutions that aren't made of the best quality of colloidal silver. This one-time investment not only saves you money, but it saves you the time taken to order colloidal silver online and wait for it to ship.

You Can Keep Silver Present in Your System

Aside from the cost benefits and long shelf life of a colloidal silver generator, having a generator kit can help you keep silver in your body's system. Since colloidal silver disables an enzyme that single-celled bacteria, fungi, and viruses utilize for their oxygen metabolism, it can be extremely helpful to have this super-antibiotic consistently in your body1. For those with immune deficiencies and who are therefore prone to infections, this can be extremely beneficial in keeping you healthy year-round. Even if you do not have access to conventional power sources, a colloidal silver generator kit will allow you to power your machine, so you do not have to worry about being unable to create the silver you need.

It Goes Beyond Basic First Aid

Colloidal silver is great for combating bacteria and viruses and is wonderful for wound care, but it does even more than just the basics. Since colloidal silver is such a powerful angi-fungal agent, you can use it to treat ringworm at home2. It can also be used to help treat skin conditions, such as eczema and psoriasis. You can additionally use colloidal silver to treat pink eye and ear infections, which can be bacterial or fungal in origin. Prescription antibiotics are somewhat useless when treating these infections, especially since antibiotics for ear infections only work on certain types of bacteria and not at all on fungi.

Those with chronic inflammation can also benefit from colloidal silver. A study conducted by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) found that colloidal silver significantly reduced skin inflammation in test subjects3.

It's Helpful During Cold and Flu Season

Cold and flu season is when germs run rampant, and many of us risk getting ill despite our best efforts. Although colloidal silver might not prevent all types of the flu, it has been thought that it significantly reduces the likelihood of contracting various strains of the flu, including the swine flu4. Again, NIH studies have shown that colloidal silver is more effective in treating infections, including influenza, than prescribed antibiotics. Also, if you contract the flu or a cold and have a colloidal silver generator, you can try generating colloidal silver first before making the dreaded trip to a crowded, infection-ridden doctor's office.

You Can Keep Viruses At Bay More Easily

Colloidal silver is an impressively strong antiviral agent. It has been shown to help those with pneumonia, AIDS/HIV, warts, shingles, and herpes. It is a natural remedy that seems to almost stop developing viruses in their tracks5. Colloidal silver works by suffocating the virus and, in patients with AIDS and HIV, reduces the activity of these viruses within the body. There is also some anecdotal evidence that colloidal silver might be an effective treatment for Hepatitis C.

You Won't Risk Getting Argyria

One of the reasons some people are skeptical about trying colloidal silver is that they have heard the sad tale of "the blue man." Some of you might have seen and heard Paul Karason tell his story on The Today Show. Karason passed away in 20136. Karason had a condition called Argyria that turns the skin grayish-blue. The condition actually developed as the result of ingesting a home-made silver compound that was overly concentrated with ionic silver due to the addition of salt into the brew. In low doses, the ingestion of silver by human beings is harmless, but it can be lethal when concocted incorrectly in a mixture or taken in too high of a dosage.

With a colloidal silver generator kit, you get all the utensils you need to generate colloidal silver. You can get accurate readings with high-quality testing meters. Any kit you purchase should contain the most high-quality utensils made from safe and durable materials.

Concluding Thoughts on the Colloidal Silver Generator

Having a colloidal silver generator always on hand to create colloidal silver can be beneficial. If you are someone who has immune deficiencies, wishes to avoid contracting bacterial, viral, or fungal illnesses, or is simply looking for a natural, at-home remedy for curing minor wounds, you might want to consider purchasing a colloidal silver generator. They are cost-effective compared to buying colloidal silver and have a long shelf life that can help you meet your needs in a time- and budget-friendly way.


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