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Which One Works Better: Ionic or Colloidal Silver?

Consumers are now facing a challenging dilemma: should they choose ionic or colloidal silver to maintain a healthier lifestyle?

Ionic and colloidal are the two main types of silver available on the market. Silver is antimicrobial, and many people are opting to use it as an alternative to antibiotics. Antibiotics can have a failure rate as high as 30% as different strains of viruses mutate and become immune to the effects of antibiotics.

There are noticeable health differences between ionic and colloidal silver that should be considered before you add either one to your existing health regimen.

Most Silver Supplements Contain Both Ionic and Colloidal Silver

Different products that contain silver actually use a combination of both ionic and colloidal silver. However, the balance of ionic to colloidal is usually unbalanced. Most formulas contain approximately 80% ionic silver to 20% or less colloidal silver, yet these same products state “Made with real colloidal silver.” While that’s not completely a lie, 20% or less is not a high enough percentage of colloidal silver to allow the patient to see the best results for the silver they’re taking. 

Basics of Ionic Silver

Ionic silver consists of positively charged atoms of silver, which are dispersed in distilled water. In some cases, ionic silver has been said to have potentially caused argyria when used in excessive amounts. Argyria is the permanent discoloration of the skin where it turns a blue-grey colour after the body ingests ionic silver. Compounds of silver salts, such as silver nitrate, ionic silver, silver proteins, and silver dust, have been known to come from a variety of silver salts that cause this discoloration. 

Many supplements on the market today advertise themselves as “colloidal silver,” but they contain a minimal 1% to 20% of the silver in the formula as colloidal, while the other 80% to 99% of the formula is made up of ionic silver. 

Most solutions that contain a majority of ionic silver will appear clear, just like water; this is because the ionic silver particles are clear and colourless. The water-like appearance is an indicator that the solution you’re buying is not colloidal silver, but rather ionic silver. 

Basics of Colloidal Silver

On the other hand, colloidal silver consists of microparticles of stabilized silver that are suspended in distilled water. This stabilization is created by using some form of reducing agent. A reducing agent gives the positively charged unstable silver particles something to bond with to help stabilize them.

Electrolysis is used to create ionic and colloidal silver. This process occurs when electricity is sent through the silver rods that is inserted into the water, while the solution is consistently stirred to guarantee the equal distribution of microparticles.

Amber-coloured bottles are used to store colloidal silver to protect it from sudden temperature and light changes, which can ruin the colloidal silver’s chemistry and lessen its effects. However, the solution itself will be slightly cloudier than ionic silver.

Colloidal silver has exploded into popularity in recent years as people are using it to help fight off viruses and diseases, as they wish to remain healthier longer. Although many believe argyria is caused by colloidal silver, hydrosol silver has a greater potential for producing the permanent discoloration. Many people have come to realize that medical treatments and drugs are doing more harm to them than good, so they have chosen more natural ways to keep themselves healthy, such as taking colloidal silver supplements.

Which Diseases are Treated with Colloidal Silver?

People use colloidal silver to treat a variety of viruses and diseases that they experience throughout time. Many bacterial and viral infections, as well as antibiotic-resistant strands of viruses, respond surprisingly well to the use of colloidal silver as a form of treatment. Most people prefer to use colloidal silver because it’s a more natural form of treatment rather than using aggressive antibiotics and other pharmaceuticals to treat every single ailment.

Colloidal silver treats a range of conditions, including:

  • Pink Eye
  • Flu
  • Pneumonia
  • Staph Infections
  • Common Colds
  • Lyme Disease

Colloidal Silver is the Best Silver for Treating Illnesses

A high-quality colloidal silver supplement was used a long time ago before antibiotics, like penicillin, came on the market, and many people today still prefer to use a high-quality colloidal silver to treat their ailments. Even when antibiotics fail, some people report that colloidal silver continues to help them recover from whatever illness they are experiencing.

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