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How to Use Colloidal Silver for Burn Injuries

In this day of super bacteria and costly medical treatments, you may be looking for alternative ways to treat skin injuries. Colloidal silver may be the answer. The recipe for colloidal silver is microscopic flakes of pure silver suspended in distilled water or another liquid. Even the National Institutes of Health support the idea that colloidal silver can be used as an effective wound dressing


Why Colloidal Silver?

Researchers have found that humans have been using silver and its derivatives as antimicrobial agents for thousands of years. Silver was commonly used in medical treatments as recently as 100 years ago prior to the introduction of antibiotics. Colloidal silver is now reemerging as an effective treatment to prevent infection after a burn caused by heat, chemicals or electricity. First, the burn should be cleaned with a mild soap and cold water. After drying, a topical application of colloidal silver can be made to either an open or blistered burn wound.

Can Colloidal Silver Treat Severe Burns?

Yes, colloidal silver can be used to treat severe burn injuries even when there are blistering and open wounds. In fact, prompt medical treatment can make a significant difference in the degree of the burn suffered, as well as any long-term effects. It is a good idea to have colloidal silver on hand at all times as a first-aid treatment for burns of all types. With more severe burns, you may have to apply the colloidal silver more times each day. Apply colloidal silver to a severe burn wound up to 12 times per day. Be observant of any silver sensitivity that the patient may exhibit. Professional treatment is always recommended after the use of first aid.

What Are Signs That Someone Has a Silver Sensitivity?

Fortunately, an allergy to silver is very rare. If you are using colloidal silver to treat a burn wound, observe the skin around the burn. If after a few hours of applying the colloidal silver the area becomes itchy, red or inflamed, discontinue use of colloidal silver. The patient may be demonstrating an allergic reaction to the silver that they may not have been aware of.

In the interest of healthier tomorrows, consider the use of antimicrobials like colloidal silver for burn wounds that do not contribute to the growth of super germs. Using antibiotics can make you more susceptible to super germs because of increased antibiotic resistance in the world. Since colloidal silver can be used to deter an infection of a mild to severe burn injury, it could be an effective alternative to antibiotics.

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