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How Colloidal Silver Helps Fight Off Tooth Infections

The pain of a tooth infection can be unbearable, so it's best to tackle it at the first signs of infection. Natural remedies, such as colloidal silver, successfully combat tooth infections through a rinse or ingestion. By starting a healthy regimen of colloidal silver you'll be able to ward off an infection that is already underway, and with continued use, you'll prevent an infection from occurring again. Here's how colloidal silver can help you fight tooth infections.

How It Fights Infections

Colloidal silver is known as a preeminent compound that effectively fights tooth infections. It has powerful healing properties that deprive bacteria of oxygen through a catalytic oxidation process. The essential function of colloidal silver is to starve bacteria of oxygen, effectively killing them on contact. This mineral is comprised of tiny particles of silver colloids that are suspended in water and measured in parts per million (ppm) that actually contain very low amounts of silver, making it safe to ingest or apply topically.

How to Use It

You can take colloidal silver in a number of ways for a tooth infection. Using colloidal silver as a rinse and gargling with it puts it in direct contact with the tissues that surround the infected tooth, reducing harmful bacteria. Colloidal silver can also be added to water and ingested to fight infection from the inside out. Six to eight drops can be added to water every four to six hours to help combat tooth infections. Colloidal silver also comes in a spray that can be spritzed on the teeth or sprayed into nasal passages for added immune protection.

Preventative Measures

Colloidal silver is a dietary supplement and can be used to prevent and treat an infection. You can keep your teeth and gums healthy by rinsing with diluted colloidal silver every day. Frequent use of colloidal silver boosts your immune system, helping you fight a variety of infections, and can produce rapid results for those suffering from tooth infections. Daily use of colloidal silver is often recommended to reduce the number of bad bacteria that can suddenly turn into an infection.

Treating a tooth infection can be a costly and arduous process if you're required to take antibiotics. Colloidal silver is an excellent alternative with antibacterial and antibiotic properties that can quickly kick-start the healing process. By making colloidal silver a part of your regular health regimen, you'll be able to begin treatment on an existing infection while preventing future ones.

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