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Home DIY Kit*
Original Silver Generator
Freedom to take your health in your own hands.
More affordable than purchasing bottled colloidal silver.
Low power consumption.
Creates a silver solution.
Top quality generator that creates True Colloidal Silver.
Blazing fast generation speed with extremely small particle size.
Uses 3rd party certified pure 99.99% silver rods.**
Dynamic polarity reversal.
Perfectly scripted circuitry set to meet or exceed listed ppm.***
Magnetic stirring with secondary reducing function.
Complete step by step manual with color guide.
Piece of mind that you are not risking your health to unproven DIY kits!
5 Year Warranty Option!

* This does not cover all kits and intended to reference general DIY kits that have not been professionally tested.
** When purchasing a kit with silver rods included.
*** When the cleaning process has been completed correctly.