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Do you know these colloidal silver uses?

Colloidal silver consists of microparticles of pure silver that are suspended in distilled water. It is made through a process called “electrolysis.” Electricity is sent through silver wire that is inserted into the water. Then, the solution is stirred to promote even distribution of the microparticles. When it is done properly, the tiny silver fragments won't fall to the bottom of the solution. To protect colloidal silver from direct sunlight and changes in temperature, it is usually stored in an amber-colored glass bottle that won't react with the metal. But the solution itself is clear.

The popularity of colloidal silver has significantly risen in recent years because of an increased desire to become healthier and fight diseases without the use of medical treatments that do more harm than good. That is because it has some amazing properties that help fight many diseases and chronic conditions. Read on to find out more about colloidal silver uses and all this amazing liquid can do.

Treating Bacterial and Viral Infections

Silver was used as an antibiotic long before other penicillin products were developed. But because people believed that penicillin was more effective than silver, they stopped using it. It is a common treatment for many kinds of bacterial and viral infections that can be treated by no other means though. For example, doctors have given out antibiotics to patients with the common cold for years. But this type of medication doesn't phase viruses. It is only meant to be used for bacterial infections. Had they given out colloidal silver instead, we wouldn't have antibiotic-resistant bacteria today. There are no viruses or bacteria that are immune to the effects of colloidal silver. Not even antibiotic-resistant bacteria stand a chance against it(4). So when it is used for people who have any type of infection, they get better fast(1). Some of the infections that it can treat include:

  • Bronchitis
  • Common cold
  • Staph infections
  • Pneumonia
  • Pink eye
  • Lyme disease

Antimicrobial Treatment for Industrial, Household, and Health Purposes

Colloidal silver doesn't just attack viruses and bacteria, it kills off many kinds of dangerous germs, which makes it an effective antimicrobial product(5). So another one of the uses for colloidal silver is that it works as a fantastic replacement for harmful products that are loaded with chemicals, such as hand santizers and cleaning agents that get slathered on the skin regularly. Many of them contain toxins, perfumes, and dyes that can cause more diseases than they are supposed to prevent. So some industries that don't want to use chemicals use colloidal silver to clean containers and equipment that has to be sanitized. And companies that sell pool products also sell silver products as a replacement for chlorine, which is a chemical that is highly toxic and easily absorbed through the skin. One of the other colloidal silver uses is as an antimicrobial in wound care. If germs get into scrapes, cuts, and burns, an infection can develop. So many hospitals still have bandages laced with silver particles and liquid silver salve to apply to the wounds that won't heal on their own.

Colloidal Silver Uses for Treating Yeast Overgrowth

Those who eat a diet high in sugar and junk food are more prone to developing an overgrowth of yeast in their bodies. Overusing antibiotics, or having uncontrolled diabetes, can cause it too. This overgrowth has a damaging effect on a person's digestive system because of the imbalance that it causes. It also makes someone feel tired, sluggish, and bloated all the time. Yeast infections can be treated with colloidal silver when it is used as a douche or applied topically(3).

Cancer Treatment

One of the most important colloidal silver uses is the treatment of cancer. Cancer begins when cells mutate out of control or damaged cell DNA floods the body. Most treatments that are used for treating this disease focus on stopping the cell overgrowth with the use of radiation or chemotherapy drugs that end up destroying healthy cells and tissue along with the cancer. This destroys the immune system, which makes a person have a harder time fighting off any other attacks against the body. There has been research done that has proven cancerous cells can revert back to a normal state within hours after someone ingests colloidal silver though(2), especially when the silver is taken with a product called “DMSO” that helps the silver pass through the cells more easily. This is important because the main problem with treating cancer is that it is difficult to reach it. The cells are spread throughout the body, not just located in one place.

As you can see, there are many uses for colloidal silver, which makes it an important liquid to keep in the house at all times. The main problem that people have with it is the fact that it is mostly sold in health food stores in small bottles that contain less than an ounce of it. When it is taken for disease prevention or treatment, an ounce of it barely lasts a few days. And on top of this, they charge prices that are many times the actual cost of what it takes to make the product. So the most cost effective way to keep a steady supply of it in the house is to make it yourself using a colloidal silver generator from www.original-silver-generator.com. We offer easy-to-use silver generators at a great price. And if you order today, we will ship your generator for free!


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