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Professional, High Quality, Colloidal Silver Generator

We put your health back in your hands.

Finally there is a professional, high quality colloidal silver generator available at an affordable price. We have created an extremely fast colloidal silver generator. Using a perfect balance of stirring speed, electrical current and dynamic cycling of the electrodes our generators create a perfect batch of colloidal silver in an extremely short period of time. Our finished colloidal solutions have an outstanding Tyndall reading and a high parts per million count.

Outstanding Quality

We understand that quality is a big part of a colloidal silver generator purchase. We have done thorough testing on our products and the colloidal silver solutions produced them. In our real world testing, we took one of our generators and subjected it to generating 150+ batches back to back with zero failures and an outstanding colloidal silver solution produced every time. With average usage, that comes to over 12 years of generating colloidal silver worry free! We hand build our generators using quality parts assembled by skilled and qualified technicians. All of our generators go through rigorous testing during the assembly process. These test results and checklists are included in your package order.

Here is a video displaying our flag ship product the X10 which creates colloidal water at 10ppm.

We Don't Milk You For Money!

We are not interested in milking you for money! We do not sell falsely proprietary reducing agents that would require you to repeatedly come back to use far into the future. We have also taken the time to create an anti-shock connector that ensures, under normal use, that no permanent damage is done to your generator and also protects the user from possible electric shock. We have also included a secondary stirring function on the power switch that does not send power to the connector ports or cables. This ensures that it is not possible to make a minor mistake like touching the electrode wires together which could completely wreck your generator! These types of safety measures have not been addressed by other company’s!


Certified 99.99% Silver Rods

We only use 3rd party 9999 certified silver rods, it is very important that the silver be as pure as possible to ensure the best possible colloidal silver solution. All of our silver rods are shipped with the certifications showing that our silver is 99.99% pure silver. Don't make colloidal silver with anything less!

Perfectly Scripted Monitoring Circuitry

With perfectly scripted monitoring circuitry and illumination during the generation process, our generator is programmed to “set it and forget it”, turning off the circuitry, lighting, and stirrer when the colloidal water batch is complete. We have maximized every batch of colloidal silver generated by exceeding the standards of other companies.

Ratio of Particle Sizes

The most important part of a colloidal silver solution is the ration of particle sizes. Shining a laser through the flask will show a beam of light revealing the size of the silver particles. This method is called the Tyndall effect and it is the fastest and most widely used method of measuring particles size. The key is the color of the laser beam being used. Red is the largest wave length at 650nm, any silver 650nm or larger will reflect the red laser because the light wave cannot go around the particle. This, in turn, will contribute to the thinness and intensity of the visible beam being seen in the flask. To put it simply this is a very bad thing, seeing a thick red beam indicates that there are too many large fragments the in the solution. A solution with large silver particles will be less effective or may even be dangerous depending on the intended use. All other companies we have researched use only a single red laser beam to display particle size. What you may not know is that without a contrasting secondary laser beam it is almost impossible to get the true percentage of very large fragments present in your solution.To put it simply, other companies can hide the short comings of their products by depending on one red laser beam to display the ratio of large silver fragments. Our generator creates a far superior silver solution that is backed up by the provided red and green lasers. Green has a very tiny wavelength of 532nm, this is vastly smaller than the red laser. Any silver particle in the solution that is 532nm or larger will contribute to the observable green laser beam as it goes through the flask. It is only by comparing the red and green lasers do you see the true ratio of large silver particle to small. As you can see in our silver batch there are almost no added silver particles to the red beam and a very high percentage of silver particles added to the green beam. This ratio shows that almost all of the silver particles in our solution are less than 650nm in size. This is extremely hard to accomplish especially at the blazing fast generation speeds of our generators.

Sum It All Up

To sum it all up. We are faster, generate a better colloidal water product and are a lot less expensive than the other guy. With everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo, we believe in thinking differently. The way we challenge the status quo is by making our products beautify designed, simple to use, with an extremely high quality. We just happen to make great colloidal silver generators.


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