Best Colloidal Silver Generator Kit

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  • Colloidal Silver Generator Starter, 10ppm in 45min - Original Silver Generator
  • 'Set it and Forget it' technology. Dynamic cycling of silver electrodes.
  • Unbeatable Tyndall reading. Secondary stirring function for reducing to True Colloidal Silver.
  • Can run on batteries 9v~12v. Anti-short technology that protects the generator from accidental rod touching/crossing.
  • Silver Rods Included – UL certified 99.99% pure silver.

We have created an extremely fast colloidal silver generator. Using a perfect balance of stirring speed, electrical current and dynamic cycling of the electrodes, our generators create a perfect batch of colloidal silver in an extremely short period of time. Our finished colloidal solutions have an outstanding Tyndall reading and a high parts per million count. 

We understand that getting into Colloidal Silver can be costly, so we have made it easier for everyone! Introducing our entry level colloidal silver generator, the ‘Original Silver Generator Starter.’ This little guy makes a silver batch of 8.5 oz (250ml) at 10ppm in 45min. That is pretty impressive! We only use the best silver in our kits and the ‘Starter’ is no exception. Included is 99.99% pure UL certified silver rods. Don’t make silver with anything less. 
This generator can run on a battery pack, 9v batteries and/or a car battery. This generator is rated for 9v~12v and is perfect for places where conventional power sources do not exist. 

Full kit including: 
Starter Generator 
8.5 ounce flask 
Power Cord 110V AC to 9v DC 
Red Laser pen 
Electrode Connectors 
Food Grade PTFE Stirring Magnet 
Food Grade Silicone Stopper (with holes) 
2x 3.25 Inch Silver Rods AWG 10 Gauge (2.5mm) that are 3rd Party Certified (certification in box) 
TDS Meter (auto calibrating)
Quick Start Guide
Cloth Storage Bag

We put your health back in your hands, don't risk your health to unproven, unprofessional and potentially unsafe DIY kits. We are faster, generate a better product and are less expensive than the other guys. 

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5 Stars
I read somewhere that this stuff cures cancer so I got the lowest priced professional one (there is a lot of garbage generators out there) THIS THING IS FREAKING AWSOME!
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from East Waterford, ME. on 7/8/2017
4 Stars
So let me tell you what you are getting. Yes it is small and yess it is shipped in a small box. My guess is that they do that to keep cost down but since this is the least expensive quality generator I can find anywhere online I am ok with it. The generaotr needs to take quality distilled water so make sure you have some handy. It does an 8oz batch in 45min and then you have to reduce it with a reducing agent. I got the 100% grape seed extract and takes another 10min to make colloidal silver from ionic silver. DONT DRINK IONIC SILVER its ment for external applications only like a cut or scrape. You get a color manual and a quick start guide. Has silver certificatoin as well. This is the real deal ladies and gentlemen. my only critisim is that they dont give you a carrying case or something to store everything in. I guess you could use the shipping box to store everything. Quality generator at a great price. WILL BE RECOMMENDING!!!
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Coltman, WV. on 5/21/2017
5 Stars
OMG this is the best price I have seen for a REAL colloidal silver generator. Yes yes yes and thank you love!
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Reviewed by:  from London, GB. on 6/20/2017
5 Stars
Love the generator, super mobile, 45 minutes to make a batch, easy to use. 5 starts guys!
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Spring City, MS. on 11/20/2016
4 Stars
so my generator showed up. the box is 6x6x6 and they stuff everything in this tiny box. It is very porable and very quick I just thought it would come in a bigger box.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Mittenlane, TX. on 1/17/2016