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Can Colloidal Silver Help Me Overcome an Alcohol Addiction?

Silver has been used in many different forms as a medicine for centuries. Colloidal silver is a solution of minute silver particles suspended in liquid, usually water. As a treatment, it can be ingested orally, sprayed or applied to the skin. Test tube studies have demonstrated that it contains powerful defenses that fight bacteria, viruses and funguses. A 2018 study concluded that a topical skin ointment containing silver nanoparticles reduced inflammation during healing compared to study participants who were provided with a placebo. When used as a supplement, colloidal silver could assist those experiencing withdrawal from alcohol by reducing general feelings of sickness.

Health Benefits

Alcohol is one of the most addicting substances known to humans. When you are trying to withdraw from the addiction, it is important to have all possible available tools in your toolkit. Colloidal silver can be one of those tools. Learning how to use it for feeling better when you have either an external body injury or internal body issues can work to help you through a transitional period. It can potentially reduce feelings of sickness during the less-acute stages of alcohol detoxification.

Tools for Detoxification

Alcohol addiction is a very serious physical and emotional sickness. Successful withdrawal requires medical care and oversight. Transformations Treatment warns that alcohol withdrawal may be fatal without medical assistance. If you are going through additional detoxification, educate yourself on the programs, supplements and treatments that work best for you. Colloidal silver can be taken as a supplement as part of a supervised detoxification program.

It Helps You Heal Naturally

As the dependence on the offerings of large pharmaceutical companies has caused issues, we are learning that some of the old remedies that have been used for centuries may hold the key to treating undesired side effects of prescription drugs. Colloidal silver is a great example of an ancient treatment that has been used in situations where recently developed antibiotics have failed to kill superbugs. This is because colloidal silver has properties that disables an oxygen metabolism enzyme—killing pathogens as a result. In general, regardless of if it’s acting as an antibiotic or as a means to help addiction, colloidal silver has been said to accelerate healing without the undesirable consequences of using prescription drugs.

If you are facing the issues associated with alcohol addiction, it is good to check out alternative treatments and tools to help you down the road to success. Colloidal silver as a dietary supplement just might help you overcome negative illnesses and injuries. Natural treatments can go a long way to getting us healthy and keeping us healthy. Educate yourself and make intelligent choices for yourself and your loved ones.

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