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3 Science-Backed Natural Remedies

Alternative medicine is growing in popularity, and more people are looking for more ways to feel better other than reaching into their bathroom cabinets or calling a doctor. Natural remedies are beneficial when used correctly, and they offer countless properties that will not only touch your health issues but that will also calm anxious feelings and boost your immune system. Here are three simple natural health tools to help you stay happy and healthy.

Colloidal Silver

Using colloidal silver is an interesting remedy. You can buy colloidal silver generators to make it yourself, or you can buy prepared versions of it as a topical gel to help skin issues, or you can purchase it for oral use. If using orally, you place one teaspoon on the tongue for 30 seconds, and then swallow. The benefits of colloidal silver include anti-inflammatory and cleansing properties, defense against cold and flu symptoms. Some people even use silver as a nasal spray.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are popular in the field of massage and esthetician practices, but they are also growing in popularity as a go-to household remedy for issues like stress, hair care and soothing muscles. Much research has been conducted on this growing trend. Roseman University researchers studying doTERRA oils explain, “researchers have observed that some essential oils have therapeutically relevant cellular effects in many physiological and scientifically validated research models. They have also observed that the effects of oils were not replicated by administration of individual components within the oil itself or with artificially created replicas, suggesting that the biological effects of them are a property of the whole oil.” One thing to look for when buying essential oils is the purity of the oil. Some bottles will read “100% essential oil,” but since the FDA does not regulate these oils, companies may only use 3% of the natural oil and fill the rest with chemicals. Always look for whole-plant ingredients when buying these helpful oils.


Tea carries more benefits than just great taste. In green, white, and black teas, you can find antioxidants, catechins, and polyphenols that are beneficial to the body. The Tea Spot explains, “Tea has been a treasured elixir for thousands of years. The role antioxidants play . . . has positioned loose leaf tea as the ideal health beverage.” Tea is proven to lower cholesterol, improve memory, and aid in digestive functions, and it contains anti-inflammatory properties. Tea can provide calming and stress-reducing properties by interacting with your brain chemistry to make you sleepy and to calm your nerves.

It is no secret that natural remedies are beneficial to many of the body’s systems. Try one or more of these natural remedies to get you feeling better and more alive in no time.

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